You can forget about the razors, bumps and cuts. Say hello to sleek and beautiful skin with our waxing services. We utilise proven methods and solutions for face and body waxing. We are ready to grant you the confidence and comfort you need.

The services you can take advantage of:

– Hot wax – ideal for those stubborn hairs of very short length that are giving you trouble. This method represents the best way to treat intimate hair removal. By utilising the best types of wax, our staff will take care of the services to the highest standard.

– Strip wax – the exfoliating effect of our strip wax removes hairs with ease. The procedure is very quick, and grants you the results you are in minutes. Our staff is trained to perfection, so worry not about skin irritation.

We use the highest quality of waxes and materials for the job to ensure a great outcome. With us you get completely safe and clean wax experience, which you deserve!

Our staff is perfectly trained to give you the result you are after in minimal time. We have got the expertise to make the procedure 100% painless and even enjoyable.

Don’t torture yourself by attempting any waxing procedures on your own. The results you will get with us far exceed anything you can get anywhere else. It is our mission to make you feel beautiful and sexy, and we have the means to complete it. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our staff, you will feel pampered and special.

The greatest reward for us is the feeling of improved confidence and satisfaction our clients receive with our waxing services. We are at ease when our clients are happy with the outcome and will do anything in our power to that end!