What is Coaxmed

The Coaxmed procedure uses Radio Frequency Technology. It has been clinically proven to tighten and gently lift the skin to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. The incision-free procedure is fast and easy, and requires downtime from normal activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin types.

Clinically proven results for face and body!

It is very different from anti-aging cellulite and body treatments currently used, the multifunctional technology of Coaxmed (radio-frequency + ultrasound (sonar) waves + rhythmic vacuum massage + fat freezing) increases the quality of the aesthetic results with the following applications:

• Aged and prematurely ageing skin
• Acne and open pores
• Collagen reactivation
• Cellulite treatment
• Pre- and post-liposuction
• Body treatments- reshaping and contouring
• Targeted fat loss
• Difficult areas: saddle bags, tummy fat, under arms, upper legs etc.
• Face treatments- wrinkle reduction, double chins, sagging
• Skin firming and rejuvenation

Decleor Facial

To begin a relaxing back massage as with all decleor facials, the export radiance facial begins with a wonderful back massage to introduce you to your therapist’s touch and put our complete at ease, before the treatment begins in earnest.

  • Aromassage (1 Hour)

    A relaxing aromatic facial, purely devoted to decleors own special art of massage to the face say goodbye to fatigue, stress and tension.

  • Aromaplastie (1 Hour)

    The classing aromatic facial is 100% natural treatment. A unique, warm wheat germ and linseed mask stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment. Rediscover a radiant you.

  • Aroma Expert (75 Min.)

    The specific aromatic facial these targeted treatments provides an expert response to the needs of every skin type.

    • Hydro force
    • Matt and Pure
    • Divine Nutrition
    • Harmonies calm intense
    • White bright
  • Decleor Evidence Facial (Years 30+ ) (75 Min)

    To combat the first signs of ageing – This targeted treatment provides an expert response to the needs of an ageing skin type. Restoring radiance and softening the appearance of fire lines. A luxurious anti-ageing treatment, which demineralises and moisturise the skin, whilst restoring firmness, which leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple and more relaxed.

  • Decleor Lift Experience Facial (Years 40+) (75 Min.)

    For mature, de-hydrated skin QI boosters are used to stimulate the face. The use of the resurfacing peel gel thoroughly exfoliates without the traditional ‘rubbing’ of exfoliates products. The thermal mask in this luxurious treatment replenishes lost moisture, combats hormonal changes in the skin and helps re-sculpt facial contours leaving it feeling firmer and more toned.

  • Decleor Less Age Excellence Facial (Years 50+) (75 Min.)

    For mature skin with loss of volume. This is a wonderfully renewing treatment to stimulate collagen production, with Alpha-Gel to deeply but gently exfoliate the skin and a massage technique specifically designed to plump up the fat cells which be lost with age. The plumping sap added to this highly targeted mask helps stimulate new collagen to ‘plump’ out the skin cells leaving a fresher, more moisturised face.

    Decleor vital eyes treatment (45 min.) £25.00

    An eye treatment which helps to ease sinus congestion, eyestrain, dark shadows and smooth fine lines.


    Intense energy facial (75 Min.) £45.00

    To lastingly restore and energise pure, clean skin and a balance distressed complexion with Oak Bark extract and active essential oils purities.

    Express energy facial (30 min.) £25.00

    A 30-minute concentrate of the intense energising face treatment, to refresh a dull, tired complexion with Oak Bark extract and active essential oils.

Dermalogica Facials

  • Dermalogica Express Facial (30 Min.)

    A quick fix facial soothing with botanical and antioxidant vitamins to maintain the balance of skin moisture, while improving texture and helping to restore suppleness and tone.

    Includes: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Massage, Steaming, Extraction, Masque, Toning

    Recommended Treatment Course: 4 treatments booked every 3 weeks

    Special Offer: Book complete course and get the last treatment free

  • Dermologica Standard Face Treatment (45min.)

    The treatment starts with professional face mapping/skin analysis, which will provide us with an objective view of the skin condition and help us to devise the right kind of treatment course that suits your skin. This facial will target your worst skin problems and will regenerate and regulate your skin cells giving you a vibrant and energised look.

    Includes: initial cleaning, deep cleaning, extraction, exfoliation, massage, hydration daylight defense

    Recommended treatment course: 4 treatments booked every 3 weeks

    Special offer: book complete course and get the last treatment free

  • Dermologica Deluxe Face Treatment (60 Min.)

    Free: Stress relieving back massage

    After professional skin mapping and consultation process, we would recommend the right Dermologica skin product to suit your facial skin. This treatment starts with a deep cleanse under steam followed by a targeted exfoliation to detoxify your skin followed by a pressure point face massage for a relaxing and stress-relieving experience. This is followed by a revitalising masque and nutrient-rich toner and moisturiser.

    Recommended treatment course: 4 treatments booked every 3 weeks

    Special offer: book complete course and get the last treatment free

  • Dermologica Skin Brightening Mini And Main Treatments

    25 minutes for Mini Treatment £25.00 - 45 minutes for Main Treatment £35.00

    This treatment is recommended for people having hyperactive pigmentation skin condition. The special Dermologica microfoliant and resurface contains essential hydroxyl acids and enzymes, which make your skin smoother and vibrant without causing redness and inflammation. It also provides a good balance and control of your skin condition.

    The main treatment should be booked every three weeks and the mini treatment should be booked once a week.

    Recommended Treatment Course: 4 main treatments and mini treatment

    Special offer: book complete and get one main and mini treatment free

    We recommend buying the professional skin brightening kit for a complete home care regime

  • Dermologica Age Smart Facial Treatment (75 Min)

    Free hand massage

    Wrinkles, altered pigmentation and loss of skin tone are all early signs of aging. This specific treatment uses the powerful masque with antioxidants and vitamin A, C & E, which helps reverse the signs of premature ageing, while defending against future free radical damage.

    Recommended Course: 5 treatments every 4 weeks for perfect skin condition result

    Special offer: book 5 treatments for the price of 4

  • Dermologica Anti-Acne Treatment (60 Min.)

    For teenagers and adults suffering from Acneic skin condition we will focus on deep cleansing, purification extraction and hydration to target current breakouts while helping to prevent future activity. For effective results, we recommend the clients to purchase Anti-bac skin wash, daily microfoliant, Medicated clearing gel, oil control lotion or active Moist and solar defense booster SPF 30 for home care regime.

    Recommended sessions: total of 10 treatments booked every 3 weeks

    Special offer: book the complete course and get the last treatment free

    Dermologica men facials

    Mini facial (30 min.) £25.00

    Main facial (60 min.) £40.00

    Face mapping and step-by-step treatments will leave your skin looking softer, smoother and feeling deeply cleansed. Give your skin a treat with this spa facial. A perfect procedure to get rid of any acne problems and reverse signs of ageing.

Oxy Jet Treatments

  Beauty-tox anti-ageing facials oxyjet is the world’s most effective oxygen system available, known as the ‘celebrity facial treatment’. Oxyjet is a scientifically-proven, powerful alternative to cosmetic injections. Completely painless, harmless and very natural, it does not alter facial expression. It uses pure oxygen pressure to ensure that BEAUTY-Tox natural cosmetic products penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin. It amplifies the collagen in the skin, filling in the lines and wrinkles giving a smoother complexion. These treatments are suitable for all skin type.

  • Oxyjet Star Facial (1.30 Hour)

    Single treatment £80.00
    Course of five treatments £350.00

       This luxury facial begins with a relaxing cleanse and tone. Your skin is then exfoliated using the revolutionary OXY clear deep cleansing blue light anti-bacterial technology. Beauty-Tox ultra is then applied and using pure oxygen pressure is transported deep into the basal layers of the skin. Special attention is giving to your areas of concern, such as frown lines and crow’s feet. Next, OXY tone, a unique form of non-surgical face lift using red light technology plumps up fine lines and controls muscle movements to diminish wrinkles and promote youthful facial contours.

  • The Oxyclear Max Acne Facial (1 Hour)

    Single treatment £60.00
    Course of ten £500.00

      The OXY clear Max acne treatment is an exciting new procedure that dramatically fights acne and reduces scarring associated with it, giving a clearer, fresher looking skin. Using the latest biotechnology and soothing blue light OXY clear, the treatment is scientifically proven to eliminate imperfections and fight bacteria associated with acne, restoring hormonal balance.

  • Anti-Pigmentation Treatment (1 Hour)

    Single treatment £60.00 
    Course of ten treatments £500.00

       Scientifically proven to be the most effective way of diminishing age spots and pigmentation disorders caused by over exposure to sun, this treatment reduces pigmentation without the use of bleaching agents or harsh chemicals. A course of ten treatments is suggested to achieve a dramatic reduction in the appearance of skin discoburation with lasting results.

  • Maxi Lip Treatment (30 Min)

    Single treatment £25.00
    Course of five £100.00
    Added to any other Oxygen facial £10.00

       Maxi lip is a patented ingredient that is a natural peptide that adds volume to the lips. It increases collagen production by up to 351% and increases moisture content of the lips making them look and feel softer and plumper.

  • Oxyjet Body Slim Treatment

    Stomach single treatment £50.00
    Course of seven £300.00
    Legs single treatment £70.00
    Course of seven £400.00

       The result is tighter, firmer looking skin and a dramatic improvement in cellulite removal, due to the detoxifyin benefit of natural enzymes, plant extracts and red light. Scientific tests reveal that after four weeks an average 7% decrease in fatty layers was recorded using the oxyjet skin treatment therapy.

  • Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facials (30 Min)

    Single treatment £30.00
    Course of ten £250.00

       Microdermabration is a gentle mechanical peeling process, which helps to improve the skin’s regenerative capabilities and specific skin condition. This ‘red carpet treatment’ helps remove dead skin cells and oils that lead to dull complexions and blemished skin. It refines and purifies the skin like no other.
    The diamond tip wand glides over the skin with a vacuum action gently polishing the skin whilst helping with lymphatic drainage.